Ducted Vacuum Systems

Comfortable and easy to use, our vacuum systems are efficient and the most convenient equipment to clean up your house.

How Does a Ducted Vacuum System Work?

  1. We install the ducted vacuum unit into your basement, garage, or any other similar space in your house.
  2. Then we strategically install the vacuum inlets in multiple locations of your home and connect it to the vacuum unit through a piping system which we are going to conceal in the walls.
  3. Attach the hose to a floor tool that you would like to use.
  4. Attach the hose to a vacuum inlet, and you are ready to clean.


Our vacuum system is affordable and safe and easy to use. It’s true that our equipment costs a bit more than a typical vacuum cleaner, but it makes it easy to create a healthy living environment for you and your family.


Installing our equipment in an old or newly constructed home is easy. At Vista Security Solutions, we have experienced staff who will assist you in designing and installing a ducted vacuum system of your choice. 

We install vacuum systems in both single-storey and double-storey homes. Besides, you can also use DIY kits and install the vacuum systems without taking help from others.


The filtration process that we use in all of our vacuum systems is similar and is of high level. Using our vacuum systems, you can easily filter out dust particles (submicron) up to 99%.

Typhoon 3 Points
Ducted Vacuum System

Air Watts:580
Input Watts: 1640
Sealed Vac H20 inches: 120
Water Lift H20mm: 3050
Air Flow (CMH): 220


Fully Installed $1320 (Inc GST)


Disposable Bag

The filtering bags in our vacuum cleaners are rugged. This is because they are manufactured using the best quality synthetic material. These bags have multiple layers of filtering and are highly efficient. They can be used in various models of our vacuum system equipment.

Bagless Vacuum Systems

While some of our vacuum systems have bags, there are other vacuum systems that we supply and install that are bagless. These systems are quieter but are more powerful than conventional ducted vacuum systems. We make this equipment out of high-quality steel, that has a high-grade powder coating. There are many options available, so you can choose a vacuum system that best suits your requirements.

If you are unsure about which system is best for your needs, speak with us at Vista Security Solutions. We will show you the options, so you can pick a vacuum system that fits with your home and your budget.



Our vacuum systems are affordable. Depending on your budget, you can find the one the best fits your requirements. For example, you can get a system with a 9 metre hose and three points for around $1,100.


Whether choosing security systems for domestic or commercial use, Vista has the expertise, experience and the right security equipment for your needs.

Contact us for an obligation-free assessment.

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