Monitoring Services

Vista Security Solutions make it easy for you to have your property monitored throughout the year in any area in Melbourne’s CBD or surrounding suburbs.

You can protect your property for as little as $1 per day with our Alarm Monitoring service.
New customers pay only a $120 service change and receive 1 month free monitoring.  

Alarm Monitoring is a very important part of your security. You can be confident that our professional team will be Monitoring your most valuable possessions – your family, and your home or business. When you are not available, we are in action keeping watch via our quality security monitoring systems, ready to alert you if anything should happen.

When your property has monitoring systems in place, you are less likely to have intruders or break-ins because they know that Vista Security Solutions is watching what they do.

There is a Monitoring System that suits your precise requirements including:

PSTN Monitoring

A standard phone line connection, called a PSTN line, is an effective Alarm Monitoring service.  It reports to us weekly or even daily to tell us that the systems are working okay and if there are any problems at your premises. This ensures that your live monitoring is always working.

GSM Monitoring

GSM is another form of Alarm Monitoring, which communicates to us through a mobile phone. This system is commonly used as a backup in the case of any fault with the PSTN line.

GPRS Monitoring

GPRS Alarm Monitoring sends signals to the control room every minute or every hour as you require. This system is a very secure way of monitoring your premises keeping it safe. It is commonly used for high-risk premises in Melbourne’s CBD or surrounding suburbs.

IP Monitoring

IP Monitoring is becoming more common these days. This system works over your Internet connection, so all we need is a port on a router and your family, your property and your business are kept safe throughout the day and night. Vista Security Solutions keeps an eye on your most precious possessions 24/7 throughout Melbourne CBD and the surrounding suburbs.


Whether choosing security systems for domestic or commercial use, Vista has the expertise, experience and the right security equipment for your needs.

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